Eye of the Law
by Cora Harrison

A Mystery of Medieval Ireland

1510. A great feast is being held. Into a crowd listening to the story of Balor, the one-eyed god, come two strangers. The younger of the two, Larla, bears a letter that claims that the wealthy Ardal O’Lochlainn is his true father, which Ardal vociferously denies. So when Larla is found dead, with one eye missing, some think he was killed by the god, but most suspect Ardal. Mara, the Brehon of the Burren, is called to investigate.


Set in 1510, Harrison's excellent fifth Irish historical (after 2009's Writ in Stone) smoothly integrates the legal system of 16th century Ireland into the story line

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Historical mystery fans won't want to miss this one

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Cora Harrison

Cora Harrison turned to writing historical fiction after she retired from teaching to live on a farm near the Burren in the west of Ireland. As well as the Reverend Mother series, she is the author of the ‘Mara’ series of Celtic mysteries, set in sixteenth-century Ireland, and the new Gaslight mystery series set in Victorian London.www.coraharrison.com

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