Fighting for the Dead
by Nick Oldham

An apparently straightforward case turns into something far more sinister for Detective Superintendent Henry Christie

Detective Superintendent Henry Christie is in the middle of a case involving the horrific murder of a teenage girl when he is called in to investigate the drowning of Jennifer Sunderland, wife of local businessman Harry Sunderland. Henry’s curiosity is soon aroused when things don’t add up – and when a gun is pointed at his head by a masked man.

As Henry starts to dig a simple case of drowning turns into a complex web of deceit, theft, murder and a criminal conspiracy stretching all the way from the UK to Eastern Europe.


Fighting for the Dead by Nick Oldham is available in the following formats

Ebook97817801032661st December 2012N/A224$6.99
Ebook97817801032661st December 2012N/A224£4.99
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Nick Oldham

Nick Oldham is a retired police inspector who served in the force from the age of nineteen. As well as the acclaimed Henry Christie novels, he is the author of the Steve Flynn series.

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