Substantial Threat
by Nick Oldham

Crime fiction has just got much, much too real for comfort…

Ray Cragg is one of the country’s biggest gangsters. His patch extends from Birmingham to the Scottish borders, dealing in drugs, prostitution and illegal immigrants. The cops are desperate to nail him. When Marty, Cragg’s brother and side-kick, ends up with his face blown off having been sent by Cragg to “whack” one of Cragg’s henchman who had run off with a million pounds of laundered money, Detective Inspector Henry Christie gets sucked in to the world of ultra-organized crime which knows no international or moral boundaries…

“Shows just how brutal the British underworld can be”

“A tough, realistic and ultimately satisfying British police procedural not unlike those of Bill James, where the cops aren’t angels and the crooks aren’t completely bad. Good stuff”


Substantial Threat by Nick Oldham is available in the following formats

Ebook97814483007921st February 2013N/A256$6.99
Ebook97814483007921st February 2013N/A256£4.99
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Nick Oldham

Nick Oldham is a retired police inspector who served in the force from the age of nineteen. As well as the acclaimed Henry Christie novels, he is the author of the Steve Flynn series.

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