Hardcastle’s Quandary
by Graham Ison

A letter from a vicar in Norfolk leads DDI Hardcastle and DS Marriott on the road to a shocking and macabre discovery . . .

One rainy morning in March 1927, Divisional Detective Inspector Ernest Hardcastle of the Metropolitan Police is summoned to the office of the Chief Constable CID at New Scotland Yard. Frederick Wensley has received a letter from a Reverend Percy Stoner in Norfolk, convinced that his nephew, Captain Guy Stoner, has been murdered. He recently received a letter, supposedly from Guy, claiming that there had been a fire at his farm in Ditton, Surrey, and asking for money.

Assigned the case, Hardcastle and Detective Sergeant Charles Marriott travel to Ditton, where they make a shocking discovery, and are soon drawn into a shady world of deception, fraud, ex-army officers and West End nightclubs, navigating a labyrinth of twists and turns in their determination to see justice served.


“Another strong entry in a consistently fine series”


“Entertaining … Readers will hope Hardcastle has a long career”

Publishers Weekly

Graham Ison

During Graham Ison’s thirty-year career in Scotland Yard’s Special Branch he was involved in several espionage cases. He also spent four years at 10 Downing Street as Protection Officer to two Prime Ministers. He is an honorary agent of the US Army Criminal Investigation Command.

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