The Great Revolt
by Paul Doherty

Sleuthing monk Brother Athelstan discovers that past crimes can cause new murder in the latest intriguing medieval mystery
June, 1381. The rebel armies are massed outside London, determined to overturn both Crown and Church. The Regent, John of Gaunt, has headed north, leaving his nephew, the boy-king Richard II, unprotected.
Brother Athelstan meanwhile has been summoned to the monastery at Blackfriars, tasked with solving the murder of his fellow priest, Brother Alberic, found stabbed to death in his locked chamber. Athelstan would rather be protecting his parishioners at St Erconwald’s. Instead, he finds himself investigating a royal murder that took place fifty-four years earlier whilst the rebel leaders plot the present king’s destruction.
What does the fate of the king’s great-grandfather, Edward II, have to do with the murder of Brother Alberic more than fifty years later? When he finds his own life under threat, Athelstan discovers that exposing past secrets can lead to present danger.


A denouement both audacious and satisfying, connoisseurs of Brother Athelstan’s world will enjoy the cerebral discussions taking place in monastic chambers suffused with incense and candle smoke, juxtaposed with the chaotic filthy roar of 14th-century London

Publishers Weekly

“After doing an admirable job of prepping for the Peasant’s Revolt of 1381 in the previous few entries of this series Doherty finally brings revolution to its stirring climax in the streets of medieval London”


Paul Doherty

Paul Doherty has written over 100 books and was awarded the Herodotus Award, for lifelong achievement for excellence in the writing of historical mysteries by the Historical Mystery Appreciation Society. His books have been translated into more than twenty languages and include the historical mysteries of Brother Athelstan and Hugh Corbett.

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