A Dagger Before Me
by Jeanne M. Dams

American Anglophile Dorothy Martin uncovers strange goings-on when she attends the christening of an English aristocrat.

Dorothy Martin and her husband Alan have been invited to rural Suffolk to take part in the christening of the newest member of the aristocratic Montcalm family. But on arriving at Dunham Manor, they discover the household in turmoil as the ceremonial dagger used in Montcalm family christenings for generations past, has gone missing. Dorothy and Alan offer their help in locating the ancient heirloom, but when a stranger is murdered in the village – stabbed in the back with an ornate dagger – Sir Edwin Montcalm finds himself the prime suspect in a very puzzling murder.

It will take all Dorothy and Alan’s well-honed investigative skills to untangle a web of long-buried secrets, historic conflicts and murderous inclinations which threaten to destroy the traditions and the very existence of the Montcalms’ way of life for ever.


“An Anglophile’s delight piled high with enchanting details of arcane rituals, all neatly wrapped around a nice little case of murder”

Kirkus Reviews

“Anglophiles and history buffs alike will enjoy the cozy mystery merged with travelogue details … perfect for fans of Rhys Bowen and Alexander McCall Smith”


Jeanne M. Dams

Jeanne M. Dams, an American, is a devout Anglophile who has wished she could live in England ever since her first visit in 1963. Fortunately, her alter ego, Dorothy Martin, can do just that. Jeanne lives in South Bend, Indiana, with a varying population of cats.

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