Killing Cassidy
by Jeanne M. Dams

A Dorothy Martin mystery

Dorothy Martin is fitting in comfortably in her new English home, and now that her policeman husband, Alan, has retired, she’s looking forward to some quiet time with him. But then the letter arrives: an old acquaintance in Indiana has died and left her a small inheritance. It seems an excuse to travel back to the States and take a well-deserved vacation.

Dorothy should have known better. As well as the money, Kevin Cassidy has left a note predicting his own murder. It seems absurd; the beloved professor was ninety-six when he died, apparently from pneumonia. But Alan and Dorothy know about innocent facades. As Dorothy begins to investigate, Alan discovers that his wife’s sleuthing is hard work . . . and that here, Dorothy is very much in charge.


With its finely detailed (and immensely likable) characters and interesting but not convoluted plot, this is one of those mysteries that goes best with a blanket and a cup of tea. Fans of the Dorothy Martin series (or Dams' Hilda Johansson novels) will be thoroughly satisfied, and readers who haven't yet met the delightful Mrs. Martin are in for a real treat


Low-key and leisurely, with charming insights on revisiting one's past, the love life of the less-young, and the furor aroused in Indiana by a Notre Dame football game

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Jeanne M. Dams

Jeanne M. Dams, an American, is a devout Anglophile who has wished she could live in England ever since her first visit in 1963. Fortunately, her alter ego, Dorothy Martin, can do just that. Jeanne lives in South Bend, Indiana, with a varying population of cats.

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