Brought to Book
by Anthea Fraser

Biographer Rona Parish delves into the life of a recently deceased bestselling author, and discovers that not all is as it seems in this thrilling mystery

When successful biographer Rona Parish is asked to write the life-story of a bestselling author, recently deceased, she is intrigued – to say the least. After all, Theo Harvey led a very colourful life, and died in mysterious circumstances. But Rona’s husband Max is wary and, it soon becomes apparent, with good reason…As Rona begins to delve into Theo Harvey’s life and death, and to interview his friends and family – some more willing than others – she realises that she has taken on a poisoned chalice.


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Ebook978144830054915th July 2012N/A256$6.99
Ebook978144830054915th July 2012N/A256£4.99
Ebook978144830054915th July 2012N/A256$6.99
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Anthea Fraser

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